Pecos Bill Invents the Ten-Gallon Hat

Winner: Western Writers of American Spur Award for Best Storytelling Book 2013

A guidebook for environmental storytelling. This book includes nature stories and nature facts to help storytellers, teachers, parents and naturalists use stories to teach about the natural world.

Hardcover; Pelican Publishing. Cost: $20

Tales with Tails: storytelling the wonders of nature

Winner: Storytelling World Award

A guidebook for environmental storytelling. This book includes nature stories and nature facts to help storytellers, teachers, parents and naturalists use stories to teach about the natural world.

Softcover; Libraries Unlimited. Cost: $35

Loon and Moon: and other stories

Kevin’s first full-color children’s book of northwoods animal tales. Enjoy new stories and northwoods versions of old favorites.

Sturdy softcover; Raven Productions. Cost: $15

The Song of the Wolf: legends and folktales from around the world

Sixteen wolf stories from Greece, Russia, Finland, China, Japan, Ireland and Norway gives readers examples of the many kinds of wolf characters (mean, helpful, foolish and wise) that appear in folktales.

Softcover; Quixote Press. Cost: $10

The Mountain Wolf’s Gift: wolf tales from around the world (CD)

This 74 minute CD contains nine of Kevin’s best traditional wolf tales including:
Vainamoinen and the First Wolf (Finland)
Wolf and Dog (Aesop)
Wolf Outfoxed By Ram (African-American)
Skoll and Hati (Norse)
Wolf and the Seven Kids (Germany)
Repaying Good With Evil (China)
The Mountain Wolf’s Gift (Japan)
Ivan and the Wolf (Russia)
Wolf and Mouse as Partners (Egypt)

Naturestory Productions. Cost: $20

U Tell A Tale (CD)

Winner: Parents Choice Award, NAPPA Award, Storytelling World Honor Award


Hear 11 stories by the five members of Cygnus Storytelling (Kevin Strauss, Tina Rhode, Colleen Shaskin, Jenifer Strauss and Mike Mann). Stories are geared to preschool audiences and include such classics as “Itsy Bitsy Jane (Spider)” and “The Amazing Mouse”. This CD was commissioned by the National Institute on Media and the Family as part of its Through-U preschool positive media program.

Cost: $20

Storymaker Bandanna

Have you ever wanted to tell a story, but couldn’t think of one to tell? Are you tired of the stories you know and wish you could find a way to eaily make up a new story?

Then you need the Storymaker Bandanna. By picking any 4-digit number, you can create a brand new story with a hero, a setting, a problem, and a helper. Great for long car trips, or nights when you’re feeling too tired to be creative. Also works well to help children create their own new stories.

Cost: $12

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The Forever CD Guarantee

Kevin Strauss knows that when a family buys one of his storytelling CDs, it gets a lot of air time. Some families talk about playing the CD at their home every day for months on end. That’s because unlike DVDs, or even some books on CD, storytelling CDs stimulate a person’s imagination. Children and adults naturally want to listen to a storytelling CD again and again.

With all that use, Kevin wants to make sure that you always have access to your Kevin Strauss storytelling CD. This policy covers all natural wear and tear and all accidental damage (dropping, dog teeth, cookie crumbs, etc.).

If you ever wear out your story CD, simply mail it to Kevin at the address below with an explanation of how long the CD lasted (we’re always curious about the lifespan of our products), and what you like about the CD, and Kevin will mail you a replacement CD and a free copy of his newest storytelling CD for you and your family to enjoy. That’s the Forever CD Guarantee (TM).

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