Program rates will vary depending on the number of programs requested. Rates listed below will give you an idea of rates for programs within 100 miles* of Rochester, Minnesota. Program discounts are available for booking multiple days of programs and for “blocking booking” with another school. For more information, contact Kevin at for more details.

K-12 School Programs

  • Full Day (up to four 45-minute presentations, up to 150 students per presentation**): $800 plus mileage
  • Half Day (up to two 45-minute presentations): $650 plus mileage
  • “Share-A-Day” Rate for two schools who share a day of programs: $500 plus 1/2 of mileage per school
  • Single Presentation: $550 plus mileage

Library Presentations

  • Single Presentation (30-45 minutes): $550 plus mileage
  • Two Presentations (at the same library): $650 plus mileage
  • Block-Booking Discounts: Help Kevin book additional library programs in your area and you will receive get a discounted rate

Pre-School Presentations

Preschools 20-100 miles from Rochester, Minnesota
First two presentations (either two 30-minute preschool programs or one preschool program and a 15-minute toddler program): $250

Preschools within 20 miles from Rochester, Minnesota
First presentation: $175
Additional Preschool Programs: $50
Additional Toddler Programs: $25

*Rates for programs that take place more than 100 miles from Rochester will include additional fees to cover housing, per diem, and performer travel time, since traveling it taking up time when I could be performing at a nearby school or library. Contact Kevin for details.

**Program fees are based on presentations with 150 students at each program. Schools are welcome to schedule more than 150 students at a program, but a program with 250 students attending will count as “two programs” for fee calulations. Contact Kevin at for more details.

The 100% Program Fee Guarantee

(No fine print here.)

Kevin Strauss stands behind his Tales with Tails Story Programs and products. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the program you received, simply contact Kevin for a full refund. While this may seem like a generous policy, it’s our way of doing business. Kevin wants to make sure that you get the programs that you want and need. If something goes wrong, he wants to make it right, Guaranteed.

We’re also proud to say that after over 18 years of performing, we’ve never had anyone take us up on this offer.