Kevin’s workshops vary in length from one hour to six hours, depending on customer needs. Residencies can take place over a week.

Writing Workshops

Write Right, Right Now (grades 3-adult)
Get ready for a crash course in creative writing and pre-writing strategies to help students get their words out of their brains and onto the page.

Personal Narrative Writing (grades 7-adult)
When asked to write about themselves, students often say “I’ve got nothing to write about. Nothing exciting has ever happened to me.” But that’s because they haven’t learned the Turnig Points(TM) approach to thinking about, remembering and recording the important people, places and objects in their lives. Introduce your students to this effortless approach to personal narrative.

Historical Fiction Writing (grades 3-adult)
Turn history into adventure with this innovative approach to using historical events in fiction writing.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing (grades 3-adult)
Many children who don’t want to write about their own lives are entranced by imaginative genres like science fiction and fantasy. Blast off or face a dragon as your students write these stories.

Poetry Writing (grades 3-adult)
Award-winning poet Kevin Strauss gives your students simple steps to writing poems and advice on why people write in the first place.

Simple Steps to Publishing (grades 11-adult)
Ever want to publish a book? Learn how to take a book idea, find a publisher and get it onto a shelf.

Speaking Workshop

Public Speaking For Normal People (grades 5-adult)
Learn easy ways to plan and deliver A+ speeches

Storytelling Workshops

Introduction to Storytelling (grades 5-adult)
Discover how to find, craft and perform a story with ease

Stories: a Teacher’s Secret (Educational) Weapon (adult)
Explore how to use folktales, history and personal stories to connect with students, teach educational lessons and demonstrate community values

Finding, Crafting and Telling Your Personal and Family Stories (adult)
Learn how to mine your memory for the important people, places and events of your life; then turn those events into stories to tell