Tales with Tails Programs (K-12, Adult)

Kevin’s story performances are 45-minutes long and are geared to listeners in grades K-3, 4-6, 7-12, or to adult or family audiences. Kevin also offers 15-30 minute pre-school and ECFE programs for younger children.

The Nature Ranger™ (Preschool-Grade 3)

Explore the natural world with stories, songs and animal props in this interactive “virtual fieldtrip” program. Participants will hear animal folktales and real life stories about the animals that live in the woods and fields right near their houses. They’ll even learn how to listen like a deer and howl like a wolf. “Ahhooooo!”

Northwoods Animal Tales

Learn how bear got a short tail and why deer have antlers in this interactive story and nature program. Laugh and smile as these stories inspire students to want to learn more about the creatures who share our world.

Stories From the Bird World

No matter where you go, you will see birds. Learn science and story reasons for how birds fly, why birds are important and how birds help us every day in this engaging and nature-inspired program.

Round River Ecology Stories

Does it really matter if we recycle, conserve water and take care of our environment? Hear stories about why we need to care for our world, and discover simple ways to to just that as you laugh along with these stories of fools and wise folks from around the world.