Bully Blocker™ Bully Prevention Programs (K-12)
No one wants to feel the knot in the stomach you can get from dealing with bullies. But there are simple things every student can do to block bullies at school. Bully Blocker performances and workshops give students the tools they need to stop and report bullies and make their schools safer for everyone there. Read More Info…

Think Before You Drink (Or Drug) (K-12)
No one wants to feel left out. Kids choose to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for many reasons, but often children make the dceision to “try something new” becuase they are bored or because their “friends” are doing it. Challenge your students to think for themselves, plan healthy habits and learn how to “turn on and learn” to say yes to sports, arts, books and community service.

Character Matters
Inspire your students to learn what “good character” means for them. Explore the “Six Pillars of Character” with stories, songs and short discussions as students discover how “doing good” makes us feel good, too.

Fair is Fair (Fairness, Justice)
What does it mean to be “fair?” Is life fair? Why should we act fairly if other people aren’t? Explore these questions through interactive stories, and small group discussions that help your students decide that “fair is fair.”

Never, Never, Never Give Up (Persistance)
Accroding to recent studies, persistance is the single best determinant of student success. Yet we live in a culture where, according to Dr. David Walsh of the Natinal Institute on Media and the Family (www.mediafamily.org), children are taught to expect everything to be “easy, fast and fun.” Inspire your students to see the “big picture” of how working hard now makes things easier down the road and how if you keep trying, you can succeed against any challenge.

How To Be A Hero (Courage, Leadership)
What does it take to be a hero? Good heroes have good character and the courage to do what’s right, even when that is hard to do, even when other kids call them a “goody two-shoes.” Engage and inspire your students to find ways to “be heroic” in their schoolwork, with their friends and with their family. Learn the simple steps anyone can use to be more heroic in life.

Conflict Fixes (Resolving Conflicts, Cooperation)
Conflicts are a part of life. And learning how to resolve conflicts is a life skill you students will use now and well into adulthood. Discover what causes most conflicts, how to identify a conflict before it gets out of hand and how to find a “win-win” way to solve any conflict.