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The 100% Program Fee Guarantee

(No fine print here.)

Kevin Strauss stands behind his Tales with Tails Story Programs and products. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the program you received, simply contact Kevin for a full refund. While this may seem like a generous policy, it's our way of doing business. Kevin wants to make sure that you get the programs that you want and need. If something goes wrong, he wants to make it right, Guaranteed.

We're also proud to say that after over 12 years of performing, we've never had anyone take us up on this offer.


The Forever CD Guarantee

Kevin Strauss knows that when a family buys one of his storytelling CDs, it gets a lot of air time. Some families talk about playing the CD at their home every day for months on end. That's because unlike DVDs, or even some books on CD, storytelling CDs stimulate a person's imagination. Children and adults naturally want to listen to a storytelling CD again and again.

With all that use, Kevin wants to make sure that you always have access to your Kevin Strauss storytelling CD. This policy covers all natural wear and tear and all accidental damage (dropping, dog teeth, cookie crumbs, etc.).

If you ever wear out your story CD, simply mail it to Kevin at the address below with an explanation of how long the CD lasted (we're always curious about the lifespan of our products), and what you like about the CD, and Kevin will mail you a replacement CD and a free copy of his newest storytelling CD for you and your family to enjoy. That's the Forever CD Guarantee (TM).

Please include your return address and email with the CD, so Kevin can send the CDs right out to you.

Kevin Strauss, Storyteller • 507-993-3411 •
PO Box 6511 • Rochester MN 55903 • Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

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